[Mailman-Users] amending someone's email address

Mike Diehn mdiehn at vicinity.com
Wed Jan 10 14:12:04 CET 2001

* Steve McDonald (steve.mcdonald at med.monash.edu.au) [01 09, 2001 21:20]:
> Apologies if this is in the documentation somewhere - I have tried looking!
> Question:
> I'm the administrator for a number of lists and often receive a message from
> a list member alerting me to a change in their email address.  Can I amend
> their email address for them or do they have to re-subscribe to the list
> using their new address?

You can do it for them, but you'll be unsubscribing them and
resubscribing them under their new email address.

Remember, Mailman has no understanding of "people."  It knows
only email addresses.  So, to mailman, mikediehn at domain.com is a
completely different thing to michaeldiehn at domain.com.


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