[Mailman-Users] Return-Path Problem

Eric Wang MRlist at ActiveState.com
Thu Jan 11 03:25:26 CET 2001

Let's see we have mail list ABC at list.foo.com

people normally post message to ABC at foo.com, after mailman delivered the
message to subscribers,mailman will organize the mail header become like
	Return-Path: <ABC-admin at list.foo.com>
	From:XXX at XXX.com
	To:ABC at list.foo.com

so , when some stupid mail client program reply such a email message,
then ABC-admin at list.foo.com was taken as reply email address instead of
ABC at list.foo.com.

My question is can we change the way mailman to organize message
somehow, then the email address ABC-admin won't get the email it should
not get?

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