[Mailman-Users] Return-Path Problem

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at West.Sun.COM
Thu Jan 11 04:21:57 CET 2001

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> Subject: [Mailman-Users] Return-Path Problem
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> Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 18:25:26 -0800
> Let's see we have mail list ABC at list.foo.com
> people normally post message to ABC at foo.com, after mailman delivered the
> message to subscribers,mailman will organize the mail header become like
> this:
> 	Return-Path: <ABC-admin at list.foo.com>
> 	.
> 	.
> 	.
> 	From:XXX at XXX.com
> 	To:ABC at list.foo.com
> so , when some stupid mail client program reply such a email message,
> then ABC-admin at list.foo.com was taken as reply email address instead of
> ABC at list.foo.com.
> My question is can we change the way mailman to organize message
> somehow, then the email address ABC-admin won't get the email it should
> not get?

1) I'm almost certain Mailman doesn't set it; the MTAs somewhere along
the path are.  return-path doesn't appear in the mailman code in
any capitalization (except one comment).

2) read http://cr.yp.to/immhf/envelope.html; according to djb, it
*must* be set to ABC-admin; any other setting would be wrong.

3) order of headers can't matter to an email client; any such client
is *horribly* broken.

What email client are we talking about?

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