[Mailman-Users] something for the wish list?

Hubbard, Matt m.hubbard at ic.ac.uk
Thu Jan 11 15:33:26 CET 2001


I'm evaluating mailing list software before upgrading an aging and
distinctly unimpressive Majordomo system.

Mailman looks like an ideal replacement for the existing service and will
indeed be a significant improvement.

There are some features that I haven't managed to locate in the current
version of Mailman and don't appear to be in the wish list. So... here are
my suggestions that I humbly ask you to consider (my copy of python in a
nutshell is now on order).

1. Ability to disable certain features through the global configuration in a
similar way to the "ALLOW_OPEN_SUBSCRIBE" option. More specifically to be
able to disallow the private rosters being visible to anyone. This probably
comes under the "Allow the admin to disable option settings by users" wish
list item, but I thought I'd mention this as desirable specific anyway.

2. As part of the "One account per user per site" and usage auditing wish
list features, a mechanism to attempt to counter mass subscribes by "spider"
software... perhaps merely an option to notify the site administrator when
one user is subscribed to a certain proportion of the hosted lists. Then the
administrator can personally investigate whether its legitimate usage or
something trawling for email addresses.

3. Include a timestamp along with the originating IP address with the
subscription confirmation messages.


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