[Mailman-Users] how to allow posting withou approval?

Jim Trigg jtrigg at huiekin.org
Thu Jan 11 18:32:36 CET 2001

At 10:54 AM 1/11/01, Dave Sherohman wrote:
>On Thu, Jan 11, 2001 at 09:43:02AM +0100, Marian Heddesheimer wrote:
> >     Reason:  Message has implicit destination
> >
> > I suspect, there must be a problem with the list address, because of 
> mentioning the
> > "implicit destination" as reason. I have sent the posting to 
> "mylist at mydomain.com"
> > (mydomain.com is just an example).
>You suspect correctly.  This error indicates that Mailman doesn't see any
>address it recognizes as referring to the list in either the To: or Cc:
>header.  There are three ways to fix this (listed in order from most to least
>desirable, based on the criterion of not making it easier to spam the list):
>1)  Edcuate your users to send messages to the real list address.

But I don't want it to be case-sensitive.  I've had a situation where the 
list name is "list at domain.com", and the "public name of this list" is 
"List".  If I send a message to "List at domain.com" it will be posted, but if 
I send it to "list at domain.com", it will give me the "implicit destination" 
error.  I don't think that this is sensible behavior.  This also sounds to 
me like what Marian was attempting to describe, although she might not have 
realized that the "public name" was not the same case as the address she 
sent to.

Jim Trigg

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