[Mailman-Users] Am I the only one get this problem? member posted email was put into pending?

Trevor Johnson trevor at jpj.net
Thu Jan 11 18:45:52 CET 2001

> I have a members only list with some people who are subscribed from
> more than one address. One address is held for approval even though I
> have subscribed it several times.

I don't know what would cause that.  If you forwarded one of the problem
messages in its entirety (with permission of the subscriber, I'd hope),
someone might see the trouble.

> Does the statement below mean that a member can only have one address?

No, just the contrary.  What I meant was just that if, for instance, I
have several e-mail addresses, Mailman won't "know" that they belong to
Trevor Johnson.  It only keeps track of e-mail addresses, not people.

> Does the not confirming a post have anything to do with this problem.

> > Most likely, they are people who post from more than one address.  Mailman
> > only keeps track of the subscribers' e-mail addresses, not their names.
> >
> > > and if there is a solution?
> >
> > Have the members subscribe all the addresses from which they post.  Tell
> > them to set the nomail flag for the accounts which should not receive
> > messages.
Trevor Johnson

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