[Mailman-Users] Per-list confirm and passwordless unsub

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at west.sun.com
Thu Jan 11 22:20:05 CET 2001

"Bob Puff @ NLE" wrote:
> Dan,
> > You don't need a Python script; just take the email to listname-off
> > and format up another email:
> >
> > To: '<list>-request@<host.domain>'
> > Subject: "unsubscribe <list-password> <address>" or
> > Subject: "unsubscribe <site-password> <address>"
> >
> > That should do it.
> Can you give the poor soul a little more example on how this email is to be
> "formatted up"?
> Bob

Sorry, I guess I stuttered or something.

One can send email to unsubscribe.  That email's format is documented in the
help message text for every list.  The email's format is:

To: <list>-request@<host.domain>
Subject: unsubscribe <password> <address>

So you need to create such an email and send it.  The time at which you need to 
create such an email and send it is when an email is sent to listname-off
(or whatever you create as the unsubscribe alias).

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