[Mailman-Users] more stuff for the wish list

Joe Block jpb at creol.ucf.edu
Thu Jan 11 22:40:11 CET 2001

It'd be nice if there was a command line chmod-like utility for users -
there have been occasions where it would have been extremely nice to be
able to do something like

chsub +nomail +hide -digest listname email1 email2 ... emailN

I've only got a few hundred users on my lists and it's already getting
cumbersome to do these sorts of additions when I'm only adding 10 or 15
new grad students.

Barring a command line option, it'd be nice to have a listbox on the
membership page to mass-unsubscribe.  And it'd be nice to have a
checkbox list identical to the ones for each email listing so that we
can simultaneously subscribe several users and preset them to a specific
option set.

I'd like to thank the developer team for making my life simpler - I only
have small (<1000 member) lists, but mailman has still made
administering them a lot easier.

Joe Block <jpb at creol.ucf.edu>
University of Central Florida School of Optics/CREOL
Network/Systems Administrator

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