[Mailman-Users] amending (you can do this) someone's email address

Christopher VanOosterhout yd-chris at yanmardirect.com
Fri Jan 12 14:26:19 CET 2001

In fact, Mailman does include a function to do this.  You can use the 
command line clone_member command and not only change for a specific list 
but for all lists hosted by a particular Mailman program.


At 10:24 AM 1/12/2001 +0000, Phil Riding wrote:
>on 10/1/01 3:14 am, Steve McDonald wrote:
> > I'm the administrator for a number of lists and often receive a message 
> from
> > a list member alerting me to a change in their email address.  Can I amend
> > their email address for them or do they have to re-subscribe to the list
> > using their new address?
>As far as I know, you can't amend the address as such - you need to
>unsubscribe the 'old' address and then resubscribe them using the new
>address (or you could tell them to do the same using their subscription
>Phil Riding
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