[Mailman-Users] automatic unsubscription

Gergely Soros soros_gergely at nextra.hu
Sat Jan 13 01:08:38 CET 2001

You're a god, Bob!

I've modified the scriptlet so you can pass the name of the list, the 
aliases line should look like:
    listname-unsub:              "|/home/mailman/test-unsub listname"
and the line changed in the script:
    ladr="$1-request at yourdomain.com"  #list -request address

> That's it!  The only disadvantage so far is that because the mailer runs
> under the permissions from Mailman, the reply "you've been unsubscribed"
> message goes to your mailman address.  If someone wants to elaborate on
> this, I'd suggest using sendmail, and making the "from:" address be the same
> as the original sender (what is extracted here).

The sitepassword would then be mailed to the member, wouldn't it?

Thanks for your help.

Gergely Soros

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