[Mailman-Users] Unsubscription Script, Try #3

Satya satyap at satya.virtualave.net
Tue Jan 16 06:42:43 CET 2001

On Jan 16, 2001 at 04:51, Gergely Soros wrote:

>We are using your script on our live lists with great success.
>I'm sure many lists will find this useful and I'm hoping to see it
>in one of the future Mailman releases as a built-in feature. A
>'confirmed unsubscription' similar to this but with a 'pending
>unsubscriptions' db and random numbers would be the final

I'm about to post my Perl version of the same thing, which implements a
web interface (as well as email[0]) and uses MySQL[1] to save confirm
codes and stuff. Did I mention it asks for a confirmation email, like

It's on version 0.1 devel right now.

[0] Parsing from addresses is still a problem. I'm looking for formail
clues right now, the next release should be better.

[1] One of the things on the todo list is an ability to use flat files
instead, for those who don't have MySQL.

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