[Mailman-Users] Problem with wrapper execution

Daniel Einspanjer daniel at yipyip.com
Wed Jan 17 17:30:02 CET 2001

I resolved this problem.  It was with my exim.conf file.

When I read the README.EXIM and copied the settings listed therein to my exim config file, it had two settings, MAILMAN_UID and MAILMAN_GID.  In the README it listed these as exim, exim.  I changed them to mailman mailman, but this was incorrect.  It was in fact supposed to be the user and group that exim runs under.  For me, this was mail, mail.  When I changed this option, it worked perfectly!

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001 10:24:54 +0200, Pieter Boshoff  wrote:
>this is a permissions problem! I had the same problem when first installing
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-- Daniel Einspanjer
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