[Mailman-Users] Again: German characters in subject cause trouble

Alexander Levenetz A.Levenetz at bigfoot.com
Wed Jan 17 23:28:36 CET 2001

Hello everybody,

I asked this question quite a while ago but got no answer, so here it
is again:
I looks like - well, it's a fact - that mails with those German
characters (a, o and u with dots on top - ä, ö , ü [if you can read
that]) in the subject cause problems when one replies to them. They
keep on adding the Re: and [listname] till the subject line is full of
them and the subject itself not readable anymore.
It would be nice if someone could look in to that as I know a lot of
German lists besides the ones I run that use mailman and that have
this problem. No one seems to have a solution so far, though ("avoid
these characters" is _not_ a solution). We run Mailman 2.0.
Any help very much appreciated,

"The only people who keep 'welcome' messages are
the people who don't need them anyway."

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