[Mailman-Users] Reject non-member postings.

Kenneth Irving ken at bilbo.edu.uy
Thu Jan 18 12:39:14 CET 2001

Dan Mick  wrote:

>Evilio del Rio wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is there any way to configure a list to ALWAYS reject ANY non-member
>> posting to a restricted list. I do not want them to be held for
>> just reject, full stop.
>Adding header patterns to SpamDetect.py is one way, although not trivial.
>Adding "check for list membership" wouldn't be that hard, but it would
>take some actual Python coding.  I could see if I could hack something
>like that up if there were sufficient interest.
>Proposal: a modification to SpamDetect.py to auto-reject, with no
>reply message, mail from non-subscribers (on lists with "subscriber
>only" set).  Anyone besides Evilio dying for this?

YES!!! I think this would be a very convenient feature, and don't
understand why it hasn't been implemented yet. 

Although delivering non-member mail to a moderator is "politically
correct" and convenient, because eventually non-member mail might be of
interest to a certain mail list, it would be also convenient to have an
option to auto-reject (with or wihtout reply message) non-member email.
In fact I'm moderating a list in which this feature would be desirable.

best regards

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