[Mailman-Users] PGP for Mailman

Christopher P. Lindsey lindsey at mallorn.com
Thu Jan 18 22:04:40 CET 2001

> Always wanted to have a mailing-list handler that could optionally use
> PGP :)
> * So that users subscribed could (optionally) send in their public PGP
> key, and have all emails delivered to them from then on encoded.
> * Ask the server for its public key so mails could be sent to the list
> encrypted
> * Optional Header keywords in emails to specify delivery of mail to
> users only with PGP keys specified. 
> But perhaps I'll just be flamed for such an idea... :)

I think it's a good idea...  Sympa (www.sympa.org) does this via
S/MIME encryption with X509 certificates...


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