[Mailman-Users] performance/usage guidelines for Mailman

alex wetmore alex at phred.org
Fri Jan 19 05:54:03 CET 2001

On Thu, 18 Jan 2001, Jim Saville wrote:
> Are there any guidelines for hardware/software configurations for
> using the Mailman program.  For example, I am working with an
> organization which wants to run 5-20 lists with most lists running
> about 2000 subscribers.  I am planning on using a Pentium 133 with
> 228Mb RAM and a 4Gb hd running RH6.2 Linux, Sendmail 8.9.3, and
> Mailman 2.0.  Is this an adequate configuration?  Can someone supply
> configuration guidelines?

It is important to know the volume of your lists as well as their

My Mailman machine is a Pentium-200 with 64megs of RAM and a couple of
gigs of disk running FreeBSD.  This machine has two very active lists
(40-50msgs/day) of 600+ subscribers and a number of lower volume lists
(10 or less msgs/day) of various numbers of subscribers.  It seems to
handle this load with no problems.  My current bottleneck is my
internet bandwidth, which sometimes bogs down when the lists are very

I'm current running a different machine as my MTA, but I've used
Sendmail on this box as the MTA with similar load levels with no

I would guess that you'll be fine if your lists are low volume.


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