[Mailman-Users] Mailman and Mac OS X (darwin)

C. Thomas Wyrth ctwyrth at infiniteidentity.com
Fri Jan 19 22:01:49 CET 2001

Hey all!

I'm trying to find out if anyone has set up and successfully used Mailman on
a Mac OS X Server system. The Mailman page on the GNU website says it will
run on most "Un*x like" systems, but I haven't seen anything to say that
covers Darwin (Apple's implementation of the Unix kernel). I do know that
Mailman is powering the users listfor the Mac OS X Server discussion group
off of Apple's website, but I can't find any details (even from calling) as
to what type of machine they are running it on.

Anyone who knows exactly, details would be appreciated. I don't need it to
run any huge lists, just a few short company ones. If it matters, I'd be
installing it on a G4 500, with 512MB RAM, a 36GB ultra scsi2 HD, running OS
X Server v1.2, which is currently the web server (running Apache 1.3.9) for
my company. It is integrated with another G4 500 machine running AppleShare
IP 6.3.1, which serves as our mail server.

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