[Mailman-Users] help deleting/editing a message from the archives

M. Robert Martin rob at 2guyshosting.com
Tue Jan 23 16:07:01 CET 2001


We have a non-subscriber who was quoted with personal details mentioned by
an indiscrete subscriber to a subscriber-only-can-post list with public
archives. Anyway, this non-subscriber did a web search on himself and
located the archive, and made a polite request with a compelling argument
to please be removed from the archive. The indiscrete subscriber
apologized to the list admins and politely asked if we would kindly comply
with that request.

My technical question is, has anyone written something of a procedure for
this? If not, could someone provide something from their experience, and
could we in turn submit a procedure back to this list?

My political question is, how have other list admins dealt with this kind
of request? "Hi, Mr. List Admin, I was really drunk when I wrote that and
I really didn't mean what I said..." or similar requests?

Thanks for your input!

Rob Martin

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