[Mailman-Users] postings seem to go to /dev/null

Frank Storbeck franks at rivo.wag-ur.nl
Wed Jan 24 16:41:40 CET 2001


I just installed mailman 2.0.1 for the first time. Everything goes 
smoothly, even creating a new list with the name "test". After this I 
cannot subscribe myself via the e-mail. Via the http interface 
however this works fine: i get the e-mail asking me to confirm the 
subscription. But then replying doesn't seem to trigger any action (I 
get no confirmation).

I can subscribe myself via the http interface and then I get the 
confirmation. After this postings to test don't trigger anything and 
the directory /home/mailman/archives/public/test.mbox remains empty.
When I send a posting via the command line interface (using mail) I 
get a notification from /home/mailman/bin/wrapper that the the mail 
has been sent.

We are using a SUN SPARC enterprise platform 1000E running under Solaris 2.7.
What am I doing wrong?

Frank Storbeck
Bobbeleweg 6
1871 HB Schoorl
phone +31 72 5092910 / 06 26 546 790
PGP public key available at <http://pki.surfnet.nl/extract.html>

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