[Mailman-Users] allow posting by domain?

Walker, Mathew mat at iphrase.com
Wed Jan 24 17:15:59 CET 2001

	I've inheritted a Mailman 1.1 list server for our company.  It's
been just fine, but I was wondering how I can restrict posting to the list
to ***@iphrase.com.

	Most of our lists are typically member_posting_only but I want to
allow the rest of the company to post to them without having to be
subscribed to them.  I noticed the field right beneath the
member_posting_only option to add specific people.  However, can you add
something like *@iphrase.com to allow any iphrase address to post?

Mathew Walker - mat at iphrase.com
Technical Support Engineer

iPhrase: One Step Information Access. www.iphrase.com

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