[Mailman-Users] accessing admin pages: hit and miss

Christopher Kolar ckolar at aurora.edu
Thu Jan 25 17:08:33 CET 2001

Hi everyone.  We are running 2.01 (upgraded from 1.0) under DEC True64 
4.0F.  Most of the lists are working just fine, but there has been some 
weirdness with a recently created batch.  When we access /mailman/admin to 
work on the lists we are able to get into some, but others the request 
times out before we get the login screen.  Among the five lists in question 
this error seems to be at random, but we seem to have access for a half 
day, then the ones that work and don't work seem to shift.  Anyway, there 
is nothing in the server logs that helps us out, so I was wondering if 
anyone has ever seen anything like this.

I am wondering if it is possible that apache needs to have more child 
processes available, or if there is another setting that needs to be 
tweaked.  To see it in action, try:
then try accessing the sek315-* lists, my guess is that you will reach the 
authentication screen for some, but not all.

Thanks in advance, sorry that I have to rush off this note before a 
meeting, it is not elegant.


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