[Mailman-Users] problem with mailman?

Voodoo Chief voodoo at voodooland.net
Fri Jan 26 00:07:40 CET 2001

I am having a problem with mailman, and was hoping someone out there might 
have had the same thing happen, and could help me out a bit.

I am running on FreeBSD 4.2 with newer apache web server and postfix for 

I am having a small problem with mailman, i can get everything to work fine 
except that users cannot subscribe I have to add them manually. 
when a user goes to the subscription page, they put in the address like 
normal, they get the message saying they need to reply for confirmation. 
Then when they reply.  nothing more happens, and i dont get an admin 
confirmation either.

Any ideas why the confirmation process isnt working.
I checked the mail logs, and receives the message but nothing gets returned
thanks in advance for any help.
Voodoo Chief
voodoo at voodooland.net

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