[Mailman-Users] Adding search capabilities

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at InTechnology.co.uk
Fri Jan 26 11:23:00 CET 2001

mailman at ce.anoka.k12.mn.us said:
> I'm wanting to add search capabilities to my lists, and have
> downloaded htdig. I'm not sure how to configure it to work with the
> mailing lists though. Can someone give me some guidance in the area? 

There should be a couple of patches on sourceforge to do fully 
integrated htdig (see http://www.exim.org/pipermail/exim-users/ for an 
If you can't make that work, prod me and I'll redo the diffs against my 
current codebase, but I don't know of any differences I have in other 
than that patchset against 2.0.1


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