[Mailman-Users] Features I haven't found yet...

rannirl at otherkin.net rannirl at otherkin.net
Fri Jan 26 18:58:18 CET 2001

I just installed mailman, so far so good, seems to do most of what
I am looking for. However, there's a couple of things I have not
seen that I would like.

1) Replying to archive messages - for the lists I am managing, a
significant portion of the users would prefer to read their listmail
on the web, rather than having a large number of messages accumulate
in their mailboxes. The archives allow this, but the default install
does not provide any way for them to reply (other than cut&paste into
a mail program, whichs is obviously a non-optimal solution).

2) Grouping management functions by user - it appears that all lists
function independently. There seems to be no way to say "which lists
on this server am I subscribed to" and other operations of a similar

Is there a known way to provide either of these, or am I on my own here.



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