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CJoe canario.joe at teleline.es
Tue Jan 30 03:38:29 CET 2001

dear all,

i was truly happy to get to know of the existence of mailman
(and its features) from our sysadmin, a few days ago;

it  is  truly  nice to read mailman has most of the features
commercial & expensive listserv has ...

i have a few questions:

(a)  does  mailman make a copy of the message to each of the
recipients  (as  majordomo does) or does it work in the form
of a (listserv) job such as

           //V22.5y JOB Echo=yes
           //TO DD *
           recipient1 at xy.domain
           recipient2 at xy.domain
           recipient3 at xy.domain
           recipient ... n ... at xy.domain
           //DATA DD *,EOF,Res=Disk
           Date:          day month year time
           From:          name of sender, address of sender
           Subject:       subject

           Dear colleagues, ...

           bla bla blah ...
           end of message

i.e.  sending the message with distribution list to a server
and   "exploding"  the  contents  due to some routing tables
arrangement, saving much bandwidth and cpu time, etc. ...

The example above is a critical factor for the acceptance of
Mailman.  In  this  respect,  Majodomo is truly poor (excuse

(b)  also, i would like to know of any "good combination" of
a mailer (other than sendmail) and mailman ...

and ...

(c)  if  which  (if any) linux or bsd distribution is stable
for large emailing lists.


canario.joe at teleline.es

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