[Mailman-Users] Mailman 3.0

jl jl at simegen.com
Tue Jan 30 22:42:05 CET 2001

Mail-men and women!

I am President of Sime~Gen Inc. which owns www.simegen.com -- and I'm
not a tech.

Our techs have just installed and deployed Mailman for our growing
number of Lists and Newsletters, and I've just today begun to explore
its capabilities.

I found your site www.list.org and the wishlist listing.  You've got
just about everything I was wishing for in your WishList Page.

The most important item for me is the ability of users to turn off the
email-reminders of passwords.

I would add the ability to import or "migrate" lists from other software
and retain the user's customized settings, and the ability to upgrade
from the current Mailman version to 3.0 without any users losing their
customized settings.

So may I ask WHEN could you reasonably expect to release 3.0?  1 year?
3 years?


Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Sime~Gen Inc.
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