[Mailman-Users] Problems running under OpenBSD

Rick VanNorman rick at neverslow.com
Wed Jan 31 06:00:58 CET 2001

Hello group,

I have successfully run Mailman on several Linux boxes. Recently,
we have moved all of our servers to OpenBSD, and I've been trying to
get the mailing lists ported with no success.

1. Using OpenBSD v2.8
2. Running Postfix for MTA
3. Installed per FAQ for postfix.
4. Installed per README.BSD 

The problems start when I try to create a new list. The newlist script
hangs on sending owner notification message, and eventually times out.
Here is the content of logs/smtp:

Jan 31 09:12:25 2001 (1640) All recipients refused: (60, 'Connection timed out')
Jan 31 09:12:25 2001 (1640) smtp for 1 recips, completed in 75.015 seconds

and smtp-failure:

Jan 31 09:12:26 2001 (1640) -1 rick at neverslow.com (ignore)

and post:

Jan 31 09:12:25 2001 (1640) post to test3 from mailman-owner at mars.neverslow.com, size=1324, 1 failures

My system maillog has no references to mailman at all.

I put a simple debug message (no python expert, I !!!!) in newlist just after
building the message, and it printed on stdio what I think is a reasonable 
message which should have been sent to owner. 

I'm not even sure what other information I should include here.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated, 
any stupid things I have overlooked are welcome,
any ideas at all!

Rick VanNorman

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