[Mailman-Users] HTML coding

Amy Dollison amy at emji.net
Wed Jan 31 14:55:14 CET 2001


We are currently using your mailman software at our company.  We would like
to give a different look and feel to each client for how the email lists
work.  I've discovered how to change the html code to some extent, but how
do I change text in the already established text areas?  What I mean is, if
we don't want to give the client the option of viewing other subscribers,
how would I go about taking out that text and changing other text in the
html code when all I can see in the html code is -
<MM-Subscribe-Form-Start> <MM-Editing-Options>

I look forward to your feedback.

amy dollison
art director

888-258-8959 - x152

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