[Mailman-Users] How to put an image on the Listinfo Public page?

Jason Twamley jtwamley at thphys.may.ie
Sun Jan 28 16:21:16 CET 2001

Dear All,

I have a mailman listserver and would like to know how I can put an
image on this page
I have tried ...you can see the boob here..what does one do?

Dr. Jason Twamley
Dept. Math Physics
National University of Ireland
Maynooth, Co. Kildare
Tel: (353) 1-708-3553
Fax: (353) 1-708-3967
Email: jtwamley at thphys.may.ie
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   Are both perhaps present in time future,
   And time future contained in time past.
  If all time is eternally present
   All time is unredeemable.
 What might have been is an abstraction
  Remaining a perpetual possibility
  Only in a world of speculation.
     Burnt Norton  T.S. Elliot

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