[Mailman-Users] Speeding up delivery

Dan Mick dmick at utopia.west.sun.com
Wed Jan 31 23:02:51 CET 2001

> Is it possible to tell Mailman to send outgoing mail for a mailing
> list in several separate batches?

It already does.

> My mailer (Exim) delivers a message
> for multiple recipients sequentially.  Of course, this is more
> efficient in terms of network usage, but processing several batches in
> parallel is faster (and network bandwidth isn't an issue here).

Oh, do you mean "simultaneous batches"?  If your Python is built with
threads, you can use mm_cfg's MAX_DELIVERY_THREADS.  I've never
tried it.  As with everything you can set in mm_cfg, see
Defaults.py for documentation, and set it in mm_cfg.py if you
decide to try it.

> In addition, administrative requests are not handled until the
> cron/qrunner script is run---I'd prefer if they were dealt with
> immediately.

Yeah; I know Barry's working on redoing some of that stuff
for 2.1.  Right now, it runs as a queue message, just like all
the rest of it.  I don't see any good reason that you couldn't
invoke "<path-to-python> ~mailman/cron/qrunner" from the mail
alias that accepts commands, or from the end of the CGI script
that sends commands.

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