[Mailman-Users] Other www/mailman gatewaying options..... wwwthreads?

Kevin McCann kmccann at bellanet.org
Wed Jul 4 21:40:03 CEST 2001

At 03:09 PM 04/07/01 -0400, Forrest Aldrich wrote:
>Has anyone hacked WWWThreads (for example) to accept messages from 
>Mailman?   That would be very useful.

I have hacked the PHPBB forum software to work with Mailman. When a user 
sends a message to a Mailman list a script "intercepts" the message and 
does a post to phpbb's MySQL database before passing it on to Mailman (of 
course I had to put the script in /etc/aliases instead of the regular 
mailman command). Message-ID, In-Reply-To and References headers are used 
to achieve threading in the forum. Going the other way, when someone posts 
a message to a forum, a mail message is sent to the associated list.

Works pretty well. And I allow forum members to join/leave lists, allow 
admins to create Mailman lists for their newly-created forums - all within 
the phpbb interface.

In other words, it's all doable.


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