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Chad M. Stewart cms at balius.com
Thu Jul 5 18:21:47 CEST 2001

At 12:01 PM 07/05/2001, Amanda wrote:
>Most of the information you need is included in the documentation. :-)
> >From experience, I can tell you that Drake 8 doesn't (easily) install with a
>lot of the stuff that, IMO, should've been included. Also some of the stuff
>that comes with the distribution is a little out-of-date, has security issues,
>etc. Save yourself a little work and ditch the Apache 1.3.19 that comes with
>the distribution - get 1.3.20 and set it up as standalone; get yourself an MTA
>other than the evil version of sendmail that comes with Mandrake (I'm using
>qmail, but other folks use other MTA's quite happily), and to avoid having one
>hand tied behind your back when troubleshooting, you might want to set up
>xinetd for telnet (and install telnet, if you don't have it).

Suggestion - do not use telnet, better to have it disabled or not even 
installed on your machine.  Use SSH instead, provides the same 
functionality but over an encrypted connection.  Take a look at 

As for MTA, the default sendmail that comes on RHL (as of 6.2) is good for 
basic stuff.  Out of the box it configured not to be an open relay.  Years 
ago the default configuration was that of an open relay and closing it down 
was very difficult, much easier now.

Have fun and enjoy....


>Beyond that, all I can say is read the instructions for everything three times
>before you do anything. Linux documentation has rightfully earned its
>reputation as being confusing at best; outdated and incorrect as its norm; and
>at worst, far worse than useless as it leads you down a primrose path...
>Karl Carlile wrote:
> > I have downloaded mailman and hope to turn my p3 pc into a mailserver. What
> > else will i need to accomplish this task in the form of software. I have
> > linux mandrake 8 and have successfully installed it.
> >
> > The mailing list will be a low volumed list so this should make the demands
> > even less.
> >
> > Karl
> >
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