[Mailman-Users] exim/mailman problems

Oliver Egginger Oliver.Egginger at dvz.fh-giessen.de
Fri Jul 6 11:32:51 CEST 2001

Message from thursday 05 June 2001 17:51:

Hey, anyone on the list read mailman-related questions ????
Never mind..., 

If you get "2" from exim-transport this means that exim can't call successfully the
mail-wrapper, cause he uses an illegal GID.
You have to set the mail-GID-option right !!
Right ?!

I always have talk about this, this week.

If you have Exim configured to run under root-rights and
he does a "su" for every delivery, he will call the mail-wrapper
as user "mailman", so you have to do a:

./configure --with-mail-gid=mailman
make install

to get things right..

Otherwise you have to set the GID to your Mail group ("mail") or to 
"root" (in this case you have configured exim very bad). 

There is a other problem.
I don't know whether you will have it.
I'm corious about it.

Let me know...



> calling list_director director
> require_files = /var/lib/mailman/lists/eng/config.db
> test existence of /var/lib/mailman/lists/eng/config.db
> required present, EACCES => unknown
> Success

This have nothing to do with your problem.
This means that exim can find "config.db",
thats all.

exim-users at exim.org
to learn more about exim and his debug output.

> I'm running Debian unstable, exim, mailman 2.0.5, and kernel 2.4.5.
> I followed the mailman install docs to the T, except, I used the exim
> howto use mailman lists before setting up a new list.
> I am having problems sending mail to lists, lists-request, etc.  I'm
> getting returned 2 from transport every time.
> Has anyone seen this and know how to fix it?  I'd be very appreciative.
> Jeffrey Schoolcraft
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