[Mailman-Users] domains and mailman

Oliver Egginger Oliver.Egginger at dvz.fh-giessen.de
Sat Jul 7 20:08:43 CEST 2001

Helo again,

when I  create a newlist, I'am not allowed to enter
a "@".
Are there no Mail-Domains allowed in "mailman" ???

I have dozens of list (in my LDAP-DB), who have the same local 
name and differ only from domain.

I have to switch from LDAP to mailman-DB, cause mailman don't
support LDAP.
Right ??

But I need the domains for distinguish the lists.  
I can't change there addresses, cause they exists for a long time,
and there is an obversely norma for buidling list-addresses on 
our institute.

The lists shouldn't (couldn't) look like this:
listname at hostname

Our list addresses are build from the local domains (defined in exim.conf)
and looks like this:
listname at localdomain1  
listname at localdomain2  
listname at localdomain3
How can I map this to mailman ?

all suggestions are  welcome


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