[Mailman-Users] domains and mailman

Oliver Egginger Oliver.Egginger at dvz.fh-giessen.de
Mon Jul 9 13:40:03 CEST 2001

You wrote:
> You will need to do multiple Mailman installs, one per domain.  At
> this point Mailman does not support different lists of the same name
> under multiple domains.  Mailman will however happily support
> multiple lists at one domain, or multiple lists of different names
> at different domains.

Thank you for the information, I have three questions thereto:

1.	Can I have multiple Mailman installs on one machine, or
	will they badly interact ?

2.	What means "multiple lists of different names at different domains" ?

		Can I have somthing like this:

		listname1 at domain1
		listname2 at domain2

		within one mailman installation ?

The cardinally question:

3.	Can I have an alias for the hostname (how)  ???

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