[Mailman-Users] Handling those multiple domains/virtual hosts

J. Frederick Ball OEF fball at franciscans.com
Mon Jul 9 17:08:47 CEST 2001

I'm new to Mailman, but have it set up and running fine on a FreeBSD 
machine.  However, I have not yet figured out the virtual host bit.  In 
perusing the archives, I found this clue:

>First, if you want the web pages to use the extra domains you have, they
>will need to have virtual servers set up in your webserver.  Setting that
>up is beyond the scope of this list.  You will need the Mailman config
>section in each <VirtualHost></VirtualHost> entry for it to show up properly.
>After you have set up the list in the usual way, change the last two
>settings in the Administration--General Options screen.  Be particularly
>careful changing the Base URL option--you can lock yourself out here.

Can someone offer more explicit guidances than this?  For instance, what 
would be the "Mailman config section" referenced above -- I assume to 
include in the <VirtualHost> sections of my Apache config file?  Can 
someone offer examples of that and examples of what to change the last two 
settings in the General Options should be?

This seems to be a significant piece for many people -- surely there are 
some examples/docs out there ...


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