[Mailman-Users] i18n (internationalization)

Un-trusted Bill-Caloccia billc_at_suned at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 10 16:22:20 CEST 2001

	I recently moved a dozen or so lists from Majordomo, bulkmailer and a bunch 
of home-grown digestifying scripts to
Mailman.  Overall I'm very pleased with the improvements in
functionality and Mailman's easy-to-use web interface. Although
I have this nagging feeling I need to tune something.

	Amoung these dozen or so lists are a number of regional
lists, including Dutch, German, Danish, French, Italian and
Spanish speaking regional lists.  There are actually over a
hundred  subscribers one each of the former three, and the
latter there are little-used.

Under the previous system I had the Majordomo 'help' file and
the text presented in the digests and digest web interface
translated into Dutch, German and Danish, and would like to
be able to provide a similar level of service to the users on
these lists under Mailman.

	Has anyone out there done part or whole translations
of  Mailman or/and Pipermail ?  Has any work been done on  multi-lingual 
string handling ?  I do have a number of members
who would be willing to assist in translations of strings to
other languages, if it were possible to implement.

	bill	@caloccia.net
why 'Untrusted Bill_Caloccia' because this is a HotMail
account, which I'm using while in class during July 2001.
my normal address is bill at caloccia.net

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