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Enriko Groen enriko.groen at netivity.nl
Fri Jul 13 10:28:28 CEST 2001

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> From: Karl Carlile [mailto:dagda at eircom.net]
> This list according to the blurb on the relevant web site is 
> designed, among 
> other things, to assist subscribers with installment 
> problems. There are some 
> subscribers on the list who sneer at people who are what are 
> called newbies. 

Although I also dislike to see people getting sneered at and the standard
"look in the archives", I can imagine people getting tired of the same old
questions. Some questions have answers right in the documents that come with
the distribution or in documentation which is linked on the website.

However I agree that some information could be better organised. I already
suggested Barry to add some standard questions in the FAQ. I'll keep an eye
on some standard questions and answers.

But again, Karl, as I wrote from the beginning... your trying to go to
You need to get some Unix-skills... craftmanship if you please... the
approach of things in a Unix enviroment is so much different from Windows.
Together with that you also need some understanding about the internet,
networking and servers.
Probably the best way to get this knowledge is a good book or some tutorial

Now to the problem...

> On Thursday 12 July 2001 13:35, you wrote:
> > Now the problem is that I cannot subscribe to the list because these
> > addresses dont work. When I access them I get a blank page. 
> I have made
> > some changes so that not I dont even get that. At the moment im not
> > concerned about the pages. I just want to get the email 
> addresses right. If
> > my pc is to be a server do i not make my own email addresses.

Please add more detail...

>From your attachment it seemed that you didn't configure the host itself. Do
you have a domainname that you can use for the email adresses? You'll need
an official domainname if you want people on the internet to send email to
your machine.

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