[Mailman-Users] Update on unable to send list messages to remote addresses

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Sat Jul 14 20:23:24 CEST 2001

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001 20:55:03 -0700 
arandall  <Amanda> wrote:

> Well, so far as I can determine ... mail to remote users from
> Mailman is never even making it to qmail. That is to say, when
> someone posts to the list (local or remote), qmail log shows
> receipt, queueing, and delivery of all the local messages - but
> NOTHING for any remote messages. Nada. Zip.

Okay, we've found out something:

  The problems are with your MTA, not with Mailman.  

Now the problem is that your MTA installation seems that it might be
unreliable.  You might want to check MD5 signatures of your
installed binaries against virgin copies.

> I opened a telnet session with the mail server at AM and entered,
> painstakingly by hand, line by line, the full text of a message
> that should be going from Mailman to the users at AM.


  Drop that sort of thing in a file.  Select it.  Paste into xterm
  that is telnetted into your MTA.


All that's left for you to do is to handle the SMTP protocols, not
the data.

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