[Mailman-Users] Read-only list and password requirement

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Sat Jul 14 20:27:52 CEST 2001

On Fri, 13 Jul 2001 09:13:36 -0700 (PDT) 
Brian West <briwire at yahoo.com> wrote:

> 1. Password requirement: It appears that for my subscribers to use
> the mailman system, they need a password. Is that a mandatory
> feature or is there a way to turn that off. 

Currently it cannot be turned off.

> I will be manually adding all existing subscribers to the list and
> want it to be transparent (no new welcome message etc.) -- if they
> have to create a password, this obviously won't work. I just don't
> want the password requirement to eliminate subscribers that don't
> want to take the time to create one.

A password with be automatically generated for each subscriber.
That subscriber can then have the system email them their password
via their list page.

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