[Mailman-Users] Newbie, new mailman, new postfix, new linux

Rob Brandt rbrandt at sbdsl.com
Sun Jul 15 05:02:57 CEST 2001

Hi everybody;

As the subject says, I'm new to all of this.  I've been running a Mac web 
server and need more power so I'm getting up to speed with Linux.  Linux is 
running, I can send and receive email using my postfix installation and now 
I'm trying to get mailman running.

I installed mailman using an rpm.  It seems to have configured all of the 
settings automatically that are listed in the installation instructions on 
the mailman web site.  But when I try "newlist" I do not receive an email 
telling me how to visit the list.

One that must be at the root of this:  When I tried to install the RPM, it 
said "mailman2.0.1-1 requires /usr/bin/newaliases", but the funny thing is 
that /usr/bin/newaliases does in fact exist.  So I went ahead and installed 
it anyway.

So maybe that's the problem, maybe not.  If not, what else do you suggest?


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