[Mailman-Users] starting Mailman 2.1a2

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Sun Jul 15 21:32:34 CEST 2001

"J.D. Bronson" wrote:

> I find it easier to just put them in /etc/rc2.d

    However, when having then run from different runlevels, it's better to have one
file (under /etc/init.d) with symlinks to whichever runlevel you need it to run

> I included the path statements...hmmm. I know it is built fine, as I said -
> it will launch MANUALLY....just not at boot up.

    Manually yes, because it inherits your (user) PATH when you type it in.

> Thats the part that I dont understand! With nothing in any error log
> ANYWHERE, I dont know how to begin to debug it.

    Stick echo/print statements in the script, pipe them to /tmp/<file> or
something.  After bootup, examine /tmp for a) does the <file> exist?  Does it
contain any information?  If the <file> exists, then the script is run at bootup,
if it doesn't, you know it hasn't even been called.

>  From the looks of this 'mailmanctl' - it starts and stops just like
> 'apachectl' from apache web server.

    Then it should work just fine.

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