[Mailman-Users] new/old mailman install

Michelle Murrain michelle at murrain.net
Mon Jul 16 18:46:05 CEST 2001

Hi folks,

I had mailman running on a server - I'd installed using the source 
tarball. I installed a new debian system on this server, but left 
intact the directories with the list databases, etc. (/home/mailman) 
I don't have mailman installed yet.

What's the best way to get these lists up and running again? Since 
I'm running Debian testing, I'd love to just apt-get it, since 
testing has 2.05. I don't mind re-creating the lists - but I need at 
least the lists of subscribers, which I assume are in the .db files 
in the list directories.


Michelle Murrain
michelle at murrain.net

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