[Mailman-Users] Ignoring username+ at whatever.edu addresses?

Mailman Mailing List Manager mailman at darksleep.com
Mon Jul 16 19:58:40 CEST 2001

I (Steven J. Owens, mailman at darksleep.com) wrote:
>> I have one mailing list on my system that has a lot of users from a nearby
>> university where they use a funky username+ at whatever.edu addressing scheme.
>> Their mailer seems to randomly send email either with or without the +.  Is
>> there a way I can tell mailman to ignore the + at the end?

Keith (howanitz at nindo.com) writes:
> Are you sure it is not username+something at whatever.edu ?  If so, they are
> using address plussing (generic aliases of anything after the + sign) and
> I doubt they would be very happy if you removed it.

     I'm sure they're using something like address plussing, though
the examples I've seen to date are simply username+ at blah.edu.  I don't
want mailman to strip the + out, but I would like it to not freak out
and hold such messages for approval (list set up with posting by list
members only).

     Is there any way to set up an email alias for a given user in
mailman?  That would be relatively simple, just tweak the subscribe
CGI form to automagically subscribe both variations.

Steven J. Owens
mailman at darksleep.com

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