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Amanda arandall at auntminnie.com
Wed Jul 18 17:59:42 CEST 2001

Hi Constantine,

Welcome to the wonderful world of file system rights. :-) When you do an ls
command on a file or directory, depending on the options you choose, it will
show you not only the owner/group/world permissions on that item (the 777 on
your mailman directory, for example, means that not only the user and the
group, but the *whole world* can read, write, and execute any file at that
level), but also who the user and group are. Try ls -l on your mailman
directory, and you'll see what I mean.

Both users and groups are assigned a numeric ID. You can also set an "English"
name for these items (logging in as sally, for example, instead of 402) which
will make it much easier for you to remember who's on first, what's on second,

First, go look up the group IDs you're going to need. The two biggies are mail
and CGI. The mail group you'll want to use with qmail is "nofiles" ( you can
use the numeric ID of "nofiles," or you could simply say
--with-mail-gid=nofiles). The CGI group you'll want to use is the one listed in
your httpd.conf - look for the two lines that say "User so-and-so" and "Group
such-and-such."  I think in Apache the group defaults to nobody - if that's
what you've got, then you'd want to use --with-cgi-gid=nobody, or whatever the
number of the "nobody" group is.

Next, go back to the instructions and set the permissions on that Mailman
directory to what they're supposed to be - setting it up as 777 may be
convenient now, but is very likely to cause you some grief down the road. I
could tell you what it's supposed to be, but then you wouldn't learn - so I'm
going to make you go back and look it up.

Once you've done that, I'd recommend hitting your favorite search engine and
looking for some of the fantastic info websites out there that deal with
Unix/Linux file permissions. Read it, study it, print it out and Scotch-tape it
to the bathroom mirror, buy a book if you're a bibliophile like me, whatever
you need to do to have it handy; but this information is going to come up
repeatedly and it will save you a tremendous amount of heartache down the road
if you learn this now.

Hope this helps!

Constantine Koulis wrote:

> Hello.
> I saw many sites r using mailman and i would like to use it to my website.I
> have a server REDHAT linux 7 with
> qmail,php4.0.5,apache,courier-imap,vmailmgr,mysql
> I am newbie to linux and i want to know what means the set-group-id bit
> mentioned in the installation guide.
> I opened a user mailman and a group.I gave privileges to the directory
> /home/mailman 777.
> How do i proceed?
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