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Amanda arandall at auntminnie.com
Thu Jul 19 18:28:00 CEST 2001

Good morning,

I'm under the impression that Mailman does NOT create your aliases for you -
rather, gives you a list of aliases which you need to create. The format it
gives when you create the list is for Sendmail and will NOT work for creating
qmail aliases. To create the qmail aliases, you will have to go back and learn
how qmail handles aliasing, and learn to create some aliases of your own.

The most complete resource I've found for qmail administrators is a book called
_Running qmail_ by Richard Blum. If you don't want to spend the money, there's a
downloadable thingy called "Life with qmail" that's not too bad, but I found it
significantly less helpful than the book. At the very least, go back and read
the documentation that came with qmail to find out how to create aliases. Do
also read the README.qmail that came with Mailman. You will need it in order to
get the aliases configured properly.

There's a couple of very important things to keep in mind: Mailman, though your
ultimate goal, is dependent on a whole lot of parts you're going to have to
understand in order to make it all work. For example, getting Mailman to work
depends on understanding qmail and Apache. Getting qmail to work depends on
understanding a few very important system pieces like inetd/xinetd and a few
networking essentials like how SMTP functions. Getting any software to run is
going to depend on some OS/file-management basics like file permissions, paths,
and (unless you're lucky enough to get an RPM that functions precisely the way
you want it the first time around) you're probably going to learn a little about
programming, too... you don't need a lot, mind you, but enough to untangle some
code and figure out how to tweak a few things.

I'm not saying this stuff to insult you, and I'm not trying to be mean and
withhold information from you ... I just find myself repeatedly pointing out to
folks that this ain't Windows; it's a whole different ball game, and that means
you're going to have to start from square one and learn the basics all over
again. And unix/linux is not an environment in which other sysadmins are going
to feel compelled to spoon-feed you, for several reasons - including: it's
time-consuming; ultimately you'll learn it better if you learn it yourself;
nobody's doing you any favors by letting you "skip the basics." If you're not a
visual or "book" learner, go sign up for a course at the community college, hunt
down a CD-ROM tutorial, or buy a linux-guru buddy dinner once a week in exchange
for the right to pick his brain. If you've got a second machine set up - running
something other than Linux (windows, mac, whatever you're comfortable with) -
use it to do research on the web.

Hey, I've been in the IS/IT field for years - been sysadmin'ing for five or six
before I got flung headlong into the world of Linux... My first week using it,
guess what I did? I lost a download... what a clueless newbie user thing to do,
right? I was mortified ... but that's what really brought home to me the idea
that I really was starting over from the beginning again.

My best advice is to skim ALL the documenation for everything related to Mailman
once, then go back through and read it diligently with a highlighter, and mark
all the things you don't fully understand. Go look those things up, read and
play with it until you begin to understand; then when you've gone through the
full list of things to look up, go back and read the documentation again, and
odds are it will actually start to make sense. :-)

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled programming...

Constantine Koulis wrote:

> hello.
> I finished compiling and installing my Mailman mailling list.
> I am using a REDHAT 7 with:qmail,courier-imap,vmailmgr,mailman
> When i create a new list with the command newlist it automatically says that
> creates the ALIAS(request-admin-owner) for the new list.
> But is DOESNT.
> Cause when i subscribe a new subscriber and the subscriber sends an email
> back for verification then the system (qmail) reports that the
> email-request@ user DOES not exist.
> Anybody knows how to set up the alias by hand or where is the problem?
> Tks & Best Regards
> Koulis Constantine.
> Bucharest Romania
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