[Mailman-Users] Mandrake 7.2, Mailman 2.0.5, postfix: Postings doesn't get mailed

Satheesh Babu sbabu at tnc.org
Mon Jul 23 21:17:46 CEST 2001


I'm new to mailman (and postfix). Postfix was already installed on a system
on our intranet. Configured it and it can send and receive emails.

Downloaded, compiled and installed mailman. (with-gid options are all

Mailman owner is a user called "mailman" group is also "mailman".

When I create a new list (say "webusers"),
  - mailman sends the instructions to the list owner from the address
mailman-owner at mymachine.mydomain
  - when someone uses the web page to subscribe, it sends the subscription
confirmation from the address
      webusers-request at mymachine.mydomain
  - when you reply to the confirmation email, nothing happens (no welcome
message). I've a postfix alias called
      webusers-request: mailman at mymachine.mydomain
    I can see the mail at mailman user's mailbox
  - When you send a post to webusers at mymachine.mydomain, that mail gets to
the machine and to mailman's mail box.
    I've a similar alias for postfix at
      webusers: mailman at mymachine.mydomain
    But, the mail doesn't get delivered to mail list subscribers.

Postfix reload has been run.

Questions (some of them might be dumb, but please bear with me! This is my
first time setting up email server software)
1. I went through the list archives a lot. Most references to postfix asks
to maintain /home/mailman/aliases properly. What is "properly"? When I
search for an aliases file under mailman installation, I can't find any.

2. I'm fairly certain I've done some alias setting wrong... Any pointers? If
I don't have aliases, then the mail gets bounced from postfix saying "no
user like that found" - I guess that is correct.

Help please!!!

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