[Mailman-Users] Mandrake 7.2, Mailman 2.0.5, postfix: Postings doesn't get mailed

Satheesh Babu sbabu at TNC.ORG
Tue Jul 24 13:51:53 CEST 2001


Thanks Enriko...

Mailman log files doesn't have any information (/home/mailman/logs)
pertaining to this. There were 3 files there and none have changed today
(when I tried doing sending a mail to the list).

The info file MTA log folder (/var/log/mail/) was indeed changed and the
changed contents are below
Jul 24 07:39:56 getafix postfix/pickup[1314]: 4F07D1AAB7: uid=501
Jul 24 07:39:56 getafix postfix/cleanup[1842]: 4F07D1AAB7:
13956.4F07D1AAB7 at getafix.tnc>
Jul 24 07:39:56 getafix postfix/qmgr[25836]: 4F07D1AAB7:
from=<sbabu at tnc.org>, s
ize=599 (queue active)
Jul 24 07:39:56 getafix postfix/local[1844]: 4F07D1AAB7:
to=<mailman at getafix.tnc
>, relay=local, delay=0, status=sent ("|/usr/bin/procmail -a $DOMAIN -d

And the mail I sent to mailing list goes to mailman's mailbox from where
I can read using any unix mail clients.

Procmail is installed in my system. I've not studied how mailman works.
Though I'm assuming that it monitors a mailbox for incoming mails and
then triggers off some process when a mail comes in. Looks to me like
that "triggering" is not happening, and I don't know what the triggering
should be :-( Off course, being a newbie to mailman and postfix, I could
be dead wrong.

Thanks again            

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> From: Satheesh Babu [mailto:sbabu at tnc.org]

> I'm new to mailman (and postfix). Postfix was already 
> installed on a system
> on our intranet. Configured it and it can send and receive emails.
> 2. I'm fairly certain I've done some alias setting wrong... 
> Any pointers? If
> I don't have aliases, then the mail gets bounced from postfix 
> saying "no
> user like that found" - I guess that is correct.

First to go:
Check the mailman and MTA (Postfix) logfiles...

Go there, check them and come back here...
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