[Mailman-Users] Potential customer w/ question

Ken Freed kenfreed at kf.com
Wed Jul 25 01:14:08 CEST 2001

Hi Mailman Users --

I'm in my final decision-making process about which webhost to use.
I'm interested in using Mailman over Majordomo because of the web-
based interface for fast, intuitive subscribe/unsubscribe by users. But
I'm still hoping to get a look at the web-based administrative interface
for Mailman.  Can you give me a site with a demo of the admin tools?

Also, and this is critical, I also must know if all the software is installed
in my site directory, or if anything has to be in the server's root directory.
If all of Mailman works from my site directory only, I may be in business.

Thanks in advance for your speedy and useful reply.
-- ken

Ken Freed, Publisher
Media Visions Journal

"Deep literacy makes global sense."

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