[Mailman-Users] mailman & qmail

Amanda arandall at auntminnie.com
Wed Jul 25 22:30:13 CEST 2001

"Ricardo F. Kustner" wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Jul 2001 10:37:29 -0700
> Amanda <arandall at auntminnie.com> wrote:
> > FWIW, that may not have anything to do with it... I'm able to connect telnet localhost 25 and manually enter message into qmail for both local and
> > remote users, and it goes fine. Mail from mailman to remote users, though, gets eaten. I haven't found a solution yet, and it's not for lack of
> > trying...
> can you see anything particular in the qmail and/or mailman logs?
> is qrunner running in crontab?

Yes. I'm not as dumb as I look. :-)


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